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At approximately 5:00 PM yesterday, a hit and run occurred at Bramble and King Solomon Drive.  It was witnessed by three neighborhood residents.  The car is described as a relatively new gold 4 door (Toyota Corolla?) with a VA tag possibly ending in TYY.  The car was driven by a young white male with brown hair who appeared to be texting at the time of the incident.  The car came down Bramble and attempted to make a left turn onto King Solomon.  The driver made the turn too wide and hit a trailer with a boat on it.  The car suffered damage to the right front bumper, including the loss of a black plastic insert used to cover the hole of where optional driving lights could be installed.

The police are looking for the driver of this car. If you see this vehicle or have any further information about the incident, please call the non-emergency number at 703-691-2131.

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