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2005 was a great season!  The undefeated Dolphins won the Division Title and the Relay Carnival Title.  During the course of the season, Evalyn Holman, Ryan McQuade and Peter Slattery all broke long-standing team records.  Peter Slattery was selected to swim in the NVSL All-Star meet.


            Mary Kate Stammer and Andrew Burns received the Coaches’ Award.  David Roden and Noelle Marie Gill received the Most Improved Overall Swimmer Awards. 


            Kent Lattig and Lawan Ly received the Most Improved in Freestyle Award.  The Most Improved in Backstroke was awarded to Hunter Browning and Madison Browning.  Ryan Wade and Kathryn Jedlicka earned the Most Improved in Breaststroke.  And, Ben Marple and Christina d’Alelio were our Most Improved in Butterfly.


            Our Outstanding Swimmer Awards (awarded for each age bracket to the highest point collector) went to Peter Mysak, Emma Slattery, David Roden, Olivia Browning, Ryan McQuade, Evalyn Holman, Peter Slattery, Nicole Woodward, Michael Quigley and Lauren Pravlik.


            Our Excellent Swimmer Awards (awarded for each age bracket to the second highest point collector) went to Mark Owen, Noelle Marie Gill, Patrick Gill, Mary Kate Stammer, Chris Marple, Julie Slattery, Ryan Lluy, Lisa Niel, Chris Johnson and Lisa Lockerby.


            Congratulations to all our swimmers!


            During 2005, we had to say good-bye to five graduating seniors who have been with the team since they were little swimmers: Sam Johnston, Patrick Kepley, John Moore, Lauren Pravlik and Stefanie Rabadan.  We wish them luck in college.  We are happy though that Lauren and Stefanie are staying with us as coaches.


            In addition, the great swimming, we continued to have fun at the pool with our social activities and Raft Night.  Of particular fun is our new Family Swim Meet.  Our second season of the Family Swim Meet was just as much fun as the first.  Parents start to practice now – we need all the practice we can get for the 2006 meet.  Thanks to all pool members for supporting us on Raft Nights.  Thanks also to Mike Pravlik and Doris Gearing for their hard work in making Raft Nights possible.


            During 2005, we also celebrated the 50th Anniversary Season of the Northern Virginia Swimming League (NVSL) and honored Tom and Ann Marie Worosz for their contributions to the team since its inception.  Tom and Ann Marie received the NVSL 50th Anniversary banner during a ceremony at one of our home meets.  Thanks again Tom and Ann Marie.