Woodson High School Renovation Project


Construction Information Briefing February 14, 2006


Project Scope:

·         Approximately 110,000 square feet of additions,  301,000 sf existing, 411,000 sf total

·         Cost approximately $52M

·         Capacity approx 2,200 students – including Woodson ED Center capacity

·         1,062 Parking Spaces

·         Additions include new admin (9K), auditorium (45K), science (45K) and PE (15K)

·         New stadium press box, softball press box, concession stand and ticket booth


Project Status:

·         Project currently in permitting phase

·         The bid will occur in Summer 2006

·         Construction will begin in Fall 2006

·         The project will be completed in Fall 2009


Temporary Facilities:

·         34 temporary classroom buildings (including two administrative trailers) will be used to facilitate construction

·         Each trailer will be equipped with cable TV, data, sound and security

·         A toilet trailer will be provided near the classroom trailers


Design and Construction Staff:

·         Design and Construction will have onsite representation at all times when the contractor is working

·         A full-time liaison will be utilized to assist the administration staff to handle the responsibilities associated with the project

·         The construction manager is responsible for all facets of the project once the contract has been awarded, including the D&C personnel




·         The contractor will begin activities in Fall 2006

·         The contractor’s staging area (area where deliveries are made, materials kept and trailers placed, etc…) will be located on the southeast corner of the site

·         The General contractor and major sub-contractors have been especially pre-qualified for this project

·         The contractor will operate two work shifts: The first one beginning in the morning and the second in the afternoon and evenings.  The contractor will also work weekends and certain holidays

·         All workers are required to wear construction badges.  The badges will have a number which will be used to identify the individual

·         Construction workers are prohibited from smoking, consuming alcohol, using illicit drugs, carrying and possessing weapons while on school grounds



Major Project Scope:

·         All major mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems will be replaced.

·         There will be a new fire alarm, data network (including wireless capability), sound, security, CATV and sprinkler systems installed.

·         All of the rooms will have doors.

·         Flooring, ceilings and finishes will be replaced (including the walls where the partitions are presently located) in every space.

·         The parking lot and bus loop will be repaved.

·         An entire new keying system will be installed and implemented.


What to expect:

·         All exterior work will occur during daylight hours (some activities which are too loud and disrupt instruction will occur on weekends or holidays).

·         Roofing will occur during daylight hours over unoccupied space.

·         The corridor ceilings will be removed, and reinstalled when possible (some may remain out for the project duration).

·         The contractor’s activities will be limited to allow the school to function as required (i.e. beginning and end of the school day, testing, and other activities which must occur).

·         The evening work shift can occur either four or five nights a week (typically half an hour after the end of the school day), and is used primarily to work in the corridors or other pertinent locations outside of the construction area.

·         Rooms not within the contractors work area may require some work in order to facilitate other phases of construction.


Relocating and Moving:

·         Rooms designated for relocation are designated by the phasing plan, the school administration and Design and Construction.

·         Contractors hired by Design and Construction will perform the moves.

·         The liaison will coordinate and manage all moves.

·         The school based staff members are expected to pack loose articles (books, files, etc…) in boxes supplied by Design & Construction.

·         Moves can occur after school hours, or on the weekend.

·         The school based staff members do not have to be present during moves, but may provide diagrams displaying their desired room arrangement.



Safety and Security:

·         All exterior construction areas will be separated by a fence.

·         Existing walls, doors or temporary barricades will separate the interior construction areas.

·         All construction areas will be posted designating them as construction areas.

·         Design and Construction and the contractor will monitor indoor air quality.

·         Specific complaints will be routed through Design and Construction.  If the need arises, additional specialists will be asked to evaluate an issue.

·         The D&C Safety Specialist will inspect the site for safety and other construction related items on a bi-weekly basis, or as required.

·         Most of the construction materials (paint, carpet, tile and roofing) are not considered hazardous; in fact, many are used primarily because of the low amount of off gassing and hazard.

·         Activities considered hazardous (welding, equipment craning, steel placement and welding) will occur during non school hours.

·         The means of egress, ingress and traffic patterns will change as a result of the construction.  D&C and the Fire Marshall’s office will make certain that all changes are conveyed to staff.



Do’s and Don’ts:


·         Do report any construction employee who is fraternizing with a student.

·         Do report any construction activity which is causing a safety concern.

·         Do inform the school administration or a D&C Representative of items which you feel may have been lost, stolen or damaged as a result of construction.

·         Do not enter any construction area, unless permission has been granted by Design and Construction.

·         Do not attempt to direct the contractor in matters pertaining to their execution of the project (changes are made by D&C and the school administration.