A letter from Dan Gearing --

September 2005

Dear LBSRC Members,

Thank you so much for the plaque recognizing my service on the LBSRC Board for the past five years.  I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people and to work together on projects for the good of the community.

For those of you who have not yet served on the Board or volunteered to help with the job of keeping the LBSRC running, you are missing an enjoyable opportunity.  It is the best way I know to meet your neighbors and to make new friends.  The volunteers that I have worked with at the pool are very positive, energetic and kind people.  I am sure that you will enjoy any time you spend with them on pool projects.

It is important to reflect on how LBSRC is organized.  It is no different than Little League, Soccer or Scouts.  Every member has to make a contribution of his or her own time, above and beyond the dues, for LBSRC to stay open.  There is no way LBSRC could ever afford to hire consultants or contractors with the skills and knowledge that its own membership possesses.

No matter what your interests or abilities, the LBSRC and our neighborhood will benefit from your help.  Whatever your skill area is, be it home making, marketing, negotiating, database management, supervision, logistics, procurement, maintenance, design, gardening, financial management or law, to name a few, LBSRC needs your help.

Running LBSRC is not a big job; rather, it is dozens and dozens of little jobs.  The nice thing about volunteering at the pool is that you can make a contribution that fits your interests, skills and schedule.  Every contribution is welcomed and much needed.

Thank you!

Dan Gearing