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Fun Run

Canterbury Woods ES is holding a Fun Run to raise money for laptops.  The students of CWES need YOUR help to raise money for a laptop cart w/16 laptops ($26,000). 

All students will participate and need sponsors for the Fun Run.  You can pledge a flat rate or a $ amount per lap. 100% of the money raised will go to the purchase of the laptops and technology for the school.

This is a wonderful fundraiser for the whole Canterbury Woods community to support because the money raised directly benefits our school and community.  Plus, the students get exercise and raise awareness in a healthy way, much better than selling wrapping paper or candy bars!

The run takes place during the school day this Friday, May 14.  Please support this event and let your neighbors know!   Contact me or your nearest CWES student/parent if you would like to make a pledge.

Thank you!

Kelly Kovacev

703/425-0875 (H)

703/283-0895 (C)