Update on Hot Lanes

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UPDATE on HOT Lanes Construction

Braddock Road Over the next two months the project should complete its bridge substructure, and by mid November workers anticipate placing steel beams for the westbound lanes of the new Braddock Road Bridge configuration. Ongoing work after the steel goes up will entail multiple lane closures during the night, stretching through to mid to late December.  Construction activities will most likely include placing concrete on the new bridge due to lower temperatures inherent with the winter months. Traffic will not be switched over until spring, 2010, so traffic patterns will remain the same for the foreseeable future.

Fluor will also begin preliminary construction on the new HOT Lanes bridge which will accommodate traffic to and from the HOT Lanes to Braddock Road.  This bridge will not impact travel this year. 

A new waterline is currently being installed on the south side of Braddock Road, which will require a few ramp closures at night to allow installation of the line across these lanes

Little River Turnpike Structural steel placement will soon be complete at Little River Turnpike and work on the deck will follow right behind.  There will be multiple lane closures during the night for about another 30-45 days.   Fluor is planning to pour the deck for the new bridge right at the tail end of this time period which could allow a switch in traffic during the month of January. 

The traffic currently on the eastbound lanes will be shifted onto the new bridge and the traffic currently on the westbound lanes will be shifted onto the existing Eastbound bridge. 

Fluor is also beginning construction of the new off-ramp from I-495 southbound to Little River Turnpike westbound.  They do not anticipate placing structural steel on this new bridge for several months.  The concrete pour for the bridge deck will not occur this year and traffic will be switched onto this bridge in spring of 2010.