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2007 Long Branch Civic Association Meeting

Minutes of April 11, 2007


Mark Wiggins, President


Social Activity Success

Many thanks go to Jayne Carmona & Loosestrife Court volunteers for

making this year's Easter Egg Hunt a success.  The turn out was great

(as was the weather!) and our participating neighborhood children had

much fun.


Newsletter Distributed

Many thanks to Melinda Malico for her design, development, and

distribution of the Long Branch Newsletter March 2007. 




Neighborhood Needs:


Leaning tree near a power line off Guinea Road: Since VDOT, Power

Company, Park Authority are claiming no authority of the tree, Mark W is

following up further.


Formalizing volunteer hours to assist with neighborhood community

service.  Karla Gill is following up to confirm volunteer organizer.  Once

confirmed, consideration may be given to ask for volunteers on annual

information collection sheet distributed by street representatives.


Painting of house numbers on the neighborhood streets.  Quality of

former paint job was poor & needs attention.  Concern was raised

regarding whether or not the work is still under warranty.  Mark W is

following up.


Entryways off King David.  Black lettering needs addressing at Guinea

Rd.  Quality of maintenance at Braddock Rd is poor.  George has a

landscape plan but is unsure who needs to receive it.  A suggestion was

made to change contractors to Cardinal Lawn & Landscape, however, Mark

will first follow-up to understand scope of work requested/paid for with

existing contractor (mowing, landscaping, etc.).


Much trash (including a large appliance) can be found in the woods

behind the pool.  Clean-up is desperately needed.  Consideration will be

given as community service opportunities are defined & potential

follow-up will occur with the county to explore trash barrels to

minimize future occurrence.


Good Neighbor Reminders: Spring is here.  Dog walkers need to

appropriately tidy up the sidewalks & lawns, leaving no sign of having

walked there (always use your scooper).  Bushes & brush must be kept

clear off the sidewalks & walkways to the trail.  For those neighbors

living near trail entries & walkways, clearing is needed & needs to be





Upcoming Neighborhood activities to be aware of:


Street representatives will be collecting data & annual dues.  Members

paying neighborhood association dues will receive neighborhood

directories early Summer 2007. 


Yard Sale scheduled for May 5th.


Polar Bear Swim at Long Branch Pool just prior to Memorial Day.  July

4th festivities at the pool will be planned.


Pool Opens Memorial Day weekend.  Pool membership outreach underway.

Exciting updates are happening at the pool right now for neighborhood

enjoyment Summer 2007.  These updates include: deck expansion, new pump,

new pool lining, etc.!

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Long Branch Community Annandale, VA

Long Branch Community Annandale, VALong Branch Community Annandale, VALong Branch Community Annandale, VA

Long Branch Community Annandale, VA

Long Branch Community Annandale, VALong Branch Community Annandale, VALong Branch Community Annandale, VA