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See Link Below For "How to Prevent a Home Burglary"
Letter From The President
Sent: Thursday, December 15, 2005
Subject: LBCA Important Notice - Stole Car

Be aware a car was stolen out of a Long Branch resident’s driveway last night.  The thieves were going through home owners’ unlocked cars looking for items of value and ended up taking a vehicle.  It is believed that there were several people involved riding bikes through the area, since several bikes were left at the scene.  If anyone saw anything last night that could help the police catch these criminals, please do not hesitate to come forward with information. Fortunately the vehicle has already been recovered with minimal damage.  Also, please check to see if any bikes were stolen from your home.


At this time of the year everyone needs to be extra careful.  Please check to make sure your doors are locked—both house and cars. If you notice something that seems unusual, please use your judgment and either call the non-emergency Police number at 703-691-2131 or if it is appears to be an emergency, dial 911 to report the incident.


Please have a safe holiday season and a happy new year!


How to Prevent a Home Burglary