OLLI - Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

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OLLI - Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

If you are retired or a stay-at-home parent, OLLI provides a nearby facility that can enrich your life and provide a fun learning opportunity. OLLI operates in a casual environment that provides a diverse selection of educational seminars, acting and reading groups, bridge plus a host of other activities. Located within 3 miles of Long Branch, OLLI is an educational adjunct facility of George Mason University and is located on Roberts Road between Braddock Road and Rte 236.

OLLI (Osher Lifetime Learning Institute) provides a diverse menu of learning, travel and athletic opportunities.  For learning, OLLI offers a set of non-credit educational seminars that cover such diverse topics as Art, Contemporary topics, Financial Investment, History, Philosophy, Reading, etc. --- each seminar session is 1 1/2 hour/week and extends for a period of 3 to 7 week. Speakers come from the University, Local/State/Federal Governments, retirees and business communities.  For travel, OLLI members are permitted to participate in various travel opportunities offered by GMU and Elderhostel. For athletics, OLLI members have the option of joining the GMU athletic facility and utilize the new Gym/Aquatics center located off of Braddock Road.

I joined OLLI this past September and am sorry I did not join years ago. I signed-up for 8 different seminars for the Fall semester - Fairfax 2015, Why is America Split between Red and Blue, Investment Forum, Modern Day Science and Technology, Key Cases facing the Supreme Court, Similarities of World Religions, etc....as you can see the selection spans multiple interests. For travel, I have signed-up for a Spring trip to Turkey with a group headed-up by a GMU professor...OLLI will offer a 4 week course on Turkish history prior to the trip. For athletics, I cancelled my Life Time Fitness membership and joined the GMU athletic program ... a savings of $500/year.

The cost to join OLLI is approximately $270 per year, per individual. The athletic facility is $ 175 per year which includes the gym parking fee.
For further information see www.olli.gmu.edu or contact Tom Worosz at (703) 978-9598 or tw.woroszjr@verizon.net....
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