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June 2007


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 November 2007

 Community Enjoys Halloween Fun at the Pool

Members of the Long Branch community welcomed those new to the neighborhood and renewed ties to friends of many years as we gathered at the pool for a "Halloween Fest."

Tim and Karla Gill, and Jayne Carmona, enjoy the fun.
A haunted forest provided some scares for the younger set, a fortune teller helped them dream about the unpredictable future, a pile of sand held hidden treasures for the little ones, and the treats flowed at a table overflowing with contributions courtesy of our community!

The event was made possible when Karla Gill rallied her neighbors on Colt Lane and recruited a number of others in the community to plan the festive event. The street-sponsored event appears to be the new model for social events in the neighborhood.


Patty Edmunds predicts fortunes

Dave Everett judged the Jack-o-Lantern contest.


Mark Your Calendars!!

See you on Dec. (15 &) 16 for the Luminary Celebration!

Rain dates are Dec. 22 & 23

The next Long Branch Community Event is the annual luminary celebration. Special thanks to Julia Roberts, Heather Hartung, Celia Fructermann and Trish Schrade for organizing!

Volunteers are asked to gather on Mignonette Ct. cul de sac at 9 a.m. on Dec.15 to help with assembly and delivery of the luminary packages. The packages will be delivered to each house that day. Residents are asked to assemble the packages (stone and candle in bag) and place the candle-lit luminaries on your sidewalks by 5 p.m. on Dec.16.

Then, everyone is asked to come to the pool at about 5:30 p.m. for holiday cheer. Check community Web site for updates.

In case you didnít know, the Long Branch Swim Team had a very successful season. The team took first place in Division 15, claimed first place in the relay competition and was undefeated!

Way to go Swim Team! Youíve made us proud!


Stay Informed!

Please add the e-mail address to the "safe list" in your address book. It is the address from which you are receiving the Long Branch newsletter. The newsletter editor is unable to deliver the newsletter if the e-mail does not go through. And

Donít forget to check the Long Branch Web site at for updates and all our community information!

Do Your Part to Keep our Community Strong

Decades of research have shown us that communities that look out for their members, and take care of the physical environment, maintain the healthiest and safest living environments.

James Coleman, a University of Chicago researcher, called this phenomenon the building of "social capital." It means people taking care of their people and serving as caretakers for the community in which they live.

With a little effort, each of us can do our part to help our community thrive, keep Long Branch known as an enviable place to live and raise (or retire) a family, and also keep our home values up.

The Long Branch officers are working on expanding the role of volunteers in making our community more attractive and productive. If you need some help getting something done, perhaps there is someone in the community who could help. Students who attend Frost and Woodson must log community service hours. We have Boy and Girl Scouts who are often looking for ways to help those who need it. If you are unable to do something at home, such as trimming back a bush that is growing over the sidewalk, send an e-mail to our mailbox, and we will try to get you some help. In order to keep our community great, here are some things that each of us can do:


    You know those newspapers that stack up in front of your driveway that you didnít ask for and you donít want? Take 15 seconds to bend down, gather them up and put them in the recycling or the trash. They arenít going to disappear unless you take the time to dispose of them!

    Donít forget to pick up after your pets. And please donít leave your pets outside barking late at night or early in the morning. (These are local laws)

    Itís the job of the Virginia Department of Transportation to maintain our roads and sidewalks. Trim back bushes that restrict pedestrians from walking on the sidewalk. When it snows, you are REQUIRED to shovel and keep the walkways clear of snow and ice. Do it right away, before it turns into an ice slick. Do not park cars in over-loaded driveways and block the sidewalk area. If you see a problem that should be fixed by VDOT, contact them, or ask Supervisor Sharon Bulova to do so for you.

    If you have junk in your yard, think about getting rid of it. Large plastic toys are better kept in the back yard than the front yard. They may be annoying to get rid of, but please do it for your neighborsí sake! If you are unable to do it for physical reasons, send us an e-mail and we will try to get a neighbor to help you.

    If you need help with raking leaves or shoveling snow, there are neighborhood kids who have put their names in the directory for yard work. Give them a call!

    Obey the speed limit and stop at stop signs in the community. Tell your teenagers to do so, too! With so many cars parked along the road, and kids darting in and out, an accident is waiting to happen.


Thanks to: Amy Oleinick for compiling a new list serv of e-mail addresses from the forms submitted in the membership drive. Amy spent hours extracting all the e-mail addresses and putting them into a useable format. She will also be updating the community directory, scheduled to be completed in the first half of 2008. If you have joined our civic association since the last directory was released, and you donít have a directory, contact Amy for a copy.

And Many Thanks to:

The Colt-King Solomon team for organizing the Halloween party at the pool! Special thanks to Meghan Bondy, Patty Edmonds, Sharon Hrynkow, Trish Schrade, Ruthanne Stoll and Karla Gill.

All the street representatives and TuLann Von Christierson for all their work and diligence during the membership drive.

Fire Safety

The recent California fires and the fire-related tragedy in North Carolina make this a good time to review ways to make sure we do not perish in a fire. To keep your family safe in case of fire, follow these tips to create an escape plan:

1.  With your family, draw a diagram of your home. Mark all windows and doors and plan two escape routes from each room, one of which should be a door. If the edges, knob or hinges of a door feel warm against the back of your hand, use your alternate escape route.

2.  Escape from a fire first and then dial 911 (or call the fire department) from a neighbor's house.

3.  Pick an outdoor meeting place that is in view of the front door and at a safe distance from your home. Family members should know to head for the spot immediately and never go back inside for any reason.

4. Every home needs working smoke alarms on each floor and near each sleeping area. Test them each month and replace batteries at least once a year. Install new smoke alarms every five years. Push a test button to sound a smoke alarm so your family is familiar with the way it sounds.

5. Check all windows to be sure they open easily. Security bar or safety guards should have quick release mechanisms that everyone in the house knows how to operate. Replace double-key deadbolts with locks that open from the inside without a key.

6.  If your family sleeps on the house's second floor, consider purchasing escape ladders to provide additional exit routes. Many children over age five can use an escape ladder. If you can get to your children during a fire and need to use an escape ladder, help them out of the window first; carry very young children down with you.

7.  Practice crawling during drills. In a real fire, the clearest air will be near the ground. Show children how to crawl on their hands and knees, keeping their heads 12 to 24 inches off the floor.

8.  Teach children not to hide in a closet or under a bed. Tell them they cannot hide from fire and their number-one job is to get out of the house.

9.  The ASPCA advises to keep updated stickers on your doors that let police and the fire department know that there are animals in the house in case you are out of the house when a fire starts, especially if your pets are confined to a crate during the day.

10. Practice the escape route every six months and correct any problems you encounter. Do at least one drill after everyone has gone to bed; the majority of home fire deaths occur between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m.


Presidentís Pen

Now that we are well into the school year and the fall routine I would like to thank everyone who joined the Long Branch Civic Association during the recent membership drive. I would like to say a special thank you to our street representatives, for all of the efforts they undertook during the last few months. In the end, we collected dues from 307 households and surpassed our goal of 75 percent participation. The drive took many months, and we are hopeful that next yearís annual membership drive will be easier!

We will soon be repairing the street numbers that are peeling off on the curbs. I would like to thank Jeff Stoll for leading that effort. As a reminder, the speed limit through the community is 25 miles per hour, and I would caution everyone to heed that -- since school is in session and children are out during morning and evening commuting times.

Remember, we are always looking for volunteers to take part in shaping the direction of our community. We are in need of someone to manage our database of members and we still need someone to coordinate social activities. I appreciate everyone's help and look forward to enjoying the fall season.

Mark Wiggins, President


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Pottery Studio Show

Sat. & Sun., Dec. 1 & 2, 10 a.m. Ė 6 p.m.

At the Art Pottery Studio of Long Branch potter, Susan Fox Hirschmann

4810 Tabard Place


Come and bring a friend

Shipping available Ė FREE gifts with purchase


Susan Fox HIrschmann


(703) 978-1480

Please visit Susanís award-winning Web site:



Register for Long Branch potter Susan Fox HIrschmann's Winter Pottery classes, beginning the middle part of January. Each session has 8 classes, with instruction in throwing on the potter's

wheel as well as hand building and glazing. The classes are taught in Susanís 1000-square foot backyard studio. Class size is limited to 6, so call early to register.  Daytime and evening classes are available.

Call (703) 978-1480 or e-mail:

Make 2008 a wonderful CREATIVE year!!!

~ Susan Fox Hirschmann ~

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Long Branch Community Annandale, VA

Long Branch Community Annandale, VA Long Branch Community Annandale, VA Long Branch Community Annandale, VA

Long Branch Community Annandale, VA

Long Branch Community Annandale, VA Long Branch Community Annandale, VA Long Branch Community Annandale, VA